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Thank you for visiting our web site. You will find unique and practical products for the kitchen, garden, home, and outdoor sports. Most of these products are not available in stores and can only be found on our web site. If you are looking for gifts for hunters, gardeners, cooks or practical gifts for the home, you have come to the right place. Simply click on the products you are interested in below and it will supply you with more information about the product.

From watermelon whales to apple birds. This award winning Garnishing Kit comes with 5 special tools and creates over 80 delightful and delicious garnishes. A must for every cook. Book and 5 special tools.   The easy way to have a successful party...
4 piece Stainless steel set with instructional guide. Each cutter piece is approximately
2" x 1 " high and made of high quality stainless steel. 4 Piece Canapé Cutter Set and Book
  There are over 16,000 dryer fires every year. Lints-Gone unique set of brushes will help you maintain your dryer, extend the life of the dryer, and reduce your energy costs. It pays for itself.
Hunters will benefit from the enhanced hearing using Hunter's Ear. Amplify the delicate sounds in the woods up to 5 times using our Hunter's Ear. The Lightweight stereo ear-phones, embedded in the warm fleece headband when attached to Hunter's Ear amplifier will bring the sounds crystal clear!   This "Hunter's Alert" tree band will not only make others aware that you are hunting in the area, but will light your selected location (over 2 miles) during those dark early morning hours. This is the only 10mm Red LED that will stay lit constantly for over 150 hours.   Tracking wounded deer can be very tricky but with the Hunter's Blud Light, tracking becomes easy. A very affordable accessory for any hunter. Also see the Hunter's I.D. light for safer hunting.

There are no sounds more refreshing to the ear that the sounds of nature. Our HEAR-Clear amplifier is designed to amplify up to 5 times the delicate sounds of nature. The light-weight stero ear buds, when attached to our HEAR-CLEAR amplifier, will bring in the sounds of nature crystal clear.

  Now, for the first time, you can safely stay connected to the web while you work at your computer. With one click, BLOCKSWITCH slams and locks the door against all intruders!   Why drag out the hoses and waste water when Rooty can water your plants even while you are away. Use this practical product in the garden or on house plants. It feeds plants slowly automatically.
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